Puree of Pea and Bacon Soup

One of the things I learned from culinary school was how to make soup. Rainy season is finally here so a good soup would be perfect! What makes this soup special is the hint of bacon. You gotta love bacon! Here's how:

 Puree of Pea and Bacon Soup
40g bacon, minced
1g   garlic, minced
40g onion, minced
50g potato, thinly sliced
200g frozen peas
400ml chicken stock/water
45ml canola oil
1/2 pc white bread, diced small
15-30ml heavy cream

Heat a thin film of oil in a saute pan and toss the diced bread in. Cook over moderate heat and toss frequently until golden brown croutons are achieved. Season lightly with salt and set aside. Render bacon in a small pot. Add a little oil. Cook until light brown, set half of the cooked bacon aside for garnish. Add the onions and sweat. Add potato trimmings and frozen peas and continue cooking for a minute. Add the stock/water and bring to boil. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 10-15 mins until the vegetables are tender. Puree thoroughly in a blender and put it back on the pot. Whisk in enough cream to round out the flavor of the soup. Check the consistency. Add more stock if it's too thick. Season to taste. Serve hot and garnish with bacon and croutons. 

xoxo Patricia and Pauline

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