Laid Back

Today was perfect. We baked some cupcakes (on the blog soon!). We actually had a hard time perfecting it because of the weather but it turned out really yummy! I guess baking is not ideal for summer. At all. Everything just melts! We also went to church and had dinner at Komoro Soba. We were craving for tempura! Well it is not really hard to find but we want something new and Komoro Soba turned out to be a good place to get Japanese food! Yum! And of course we watched Law & Order til we drop!
top:dad's + jeans:thrifted + shoes:royal elastics
 We opted for something light but church friendly since the weather was really really hot!
top:just g + jeans:thrifted + sandals:aunt's + bracelet:oxygen

Hope you had a great day too!

xoxo Patricia and Pauline

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